Access Request Management

You may proceed to TM ARM to request for resource(s) below:

  1. ARCHIVAL (TM Archival System)
  2. DCSP (Data Customer Service Profile)
  3. EPOS2 (Electronic Point of Sale)
  4. GEMS EBP (Supplier Relationship Management / Enterprise Buyer Professional)
  5. GEMS SLIMS (Supply, Logistic and Inventory Management System)
  6. ICP Siebel
  7. NOVA Siebel
  8. OCIEN (Operation Center Incident Report, Escalation and Notification Management)
  9. OSES (One Stop E-commerce Solution System)

Please click 'TM ARM' to request resource(s) if you are in TM Intra Network. Else, please click 'TM SecureVPN' before proceed to 'TM ARM'.